Applicable to

People who have frequent contact with elderly – Social Workers, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupationalists, welfare workers, health workers, care givers, customer servicers

Our experience

Starting from 2013, Eldpathy provided training to over 1000 staff who have frequent contact with elderly

Served more than 150 tertiary, secondary and primary schools, youth centers and elderly centers
Trained more than 1000 front-line staffs

Our Partners:

Education Bureau, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Po Leung Kuk, Evangelical Free Church of China, Grace Nursing Home, The Women’s Welfare Club (EASTERN DISTRICT) Hong Kong Wong Fung Ting Hostel For The Elderly, ELC HK nursing voyage program for youth, Buddhist Cheung Miu Yuen Neighbourhood Elderly Centre etc.

Satisfaction Rate:
>5 out of 6 in avg

Feedbacks from participants:

“I can really feel the feelings of elderly, making me more patient when facing elderly”

「”The experience can be applied on my duty, I know how to communicate and help elderly better because I understand their needs”

「”I finally understand why elderly do not willing to do sport exercises because itt is really tiring when they stand for a long period of time. Now I will start teaching them some fundamental skills to allow them to finish the exercises more easily”



Eldpathy 社會工作督導主任,資深前線社工及培訓導師,曾多年於青少年中心工作, 於義工服務、長者體驗活動、企業團隊培訓等具豐富經驗,曾編撰多本小組遊戲 書籍及教材套,如:《舉一玩十》、《一團和戲》等,並為香港公開大學護理及健康 學部「賽馬會社區守望相助課程」擔任顧問專家,編撰社區照顧教材。過去數年, 曾為多次社總、港澳內地多間大專院校、中小學及非政府機構向前線社工、社工 學生、老師等提供小組工作之專業培訓及團隊訓練。以上的培訓套餐,將由知 sir 帶領 Eldpathy 的導師團隊一同進行。

ThemeFormatDurationMax. no. of participantsCharges
Empathy building toward elderlyIndoor indepth expeience
- Eye, arm & leg challenges
- Small group reflection
2.5 hrs36 personsFee A
Elderly friendly community/elderly poverty/macro policy evaluation室外社區體驗
- Outdoor orientation
- Small group reflection
3 hrs30 personsFee B
Initial stage:
Mental and physical needs of elderly
Interactive workshop (1)
- Observation on elderly
- Immerse into elderly and understand the physical and mental needs of them
- Empathy building
2.5 hrs80 personsFee C
Intermediate stage:
Multi communication skills
- 4 Steps of Non-violence communication
- Handling difficult situation
*Interactive workshop (1) completion is required
3 hrs80 personsFee C
Teacher development day互動體驗講座(三)
For secondary and primary school teachers,
Bring out one of the topics below:
- Guiding skill for primary school life-wide learning lesson
- Guiding skill for Other Learning Experience (OLE) lesson
- Guiding skill for workshoping and debriefing skill
- Empathy & team building skills
3 hrs80 personsFee C

Besides above packages, Eldpathy can develop different themes and formats according to client’s needs and expectations. Price to be discussed separately

 Fee A(室內體驗)Fee B(室外體驗)Fee C(互動講座)
Training for teachers/social workers/churches/tertiary education$350/ person$400/ person$8000 per session
Non-profit Organzations$300/ person$350/ person$7000 per session